“Memories are always invisible to the eyes but can be felt with the heart” (Michelle C. Ustaszeski)

I remember the first online session at Amal Career-Prep Fellowship, 03-months ago.🥰 I was nervous, what kind of people would be in the session, and what new learnings would I learn?

But time…

It was a very monotonous evening (in December and when we were suffering from lockdown situations😞) when I was sitting on a chair with a phone in my hand. Suddenly, I heard a message tone (beep). At that time, I was scrolling chats on the What’s app. After few minutes…

Hello! Everyone,🙌

Nice to meet you again. And I hope you have read 1st phase of “TASHAKUR” if not, then don’t worry 😊

Here is the link to the first blog; give it a read too. Then you’ll be able to understand, What it is? …

Hello! Everyone, It’s a pleasure to share with you my experiences or learnings at Amal Academy. Okay, Let’s start!

It’s a 03-month Career-Prep Fellowship journey. When I joined Amal Academy, I didn’t know about its procedures to serve its alumni. In the beginning, I was thinking: that it would also…

“Be Thankful for What You Have; You’ll End-up having more!” Three young, passionate, thrilled students (by the way, I am one of them:)…) had a dream to serve humanity by reducing people’s food and medical needs. All we were residing in different cities of Pakistan. Our names are Erum Munir

Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening (according to the time when you would read) this blog, Readers!

I want to share some of my personal experiences of challenging problem-solving skills by accepting failure with you (just to help you when you are facing failure situations). Okay, let me tell you…

The purpose of “Eat Frog With a Pomodoro” is utilize your time in productive manner without procrastination. And what is procrastination? (It is just like avoid doing an assigned task before deadline, someone setback the given task although he knows its consequences.)

And now come towards our exact topic which…

Awareness Related To Effects of Green House Gases in our Environment.

“The gases which contribute the green house effect by absorbing IR (infrared radiations)”. These gases include Carbon dioxide, Chlorofluorocarbons, Nitrous oxide, Methane gas etc.

“Growth mindset is when one understand that his abilities can be developed.”

  1. Here, Some Amal Totkay for Growth Mindset are:

a. Self Talk,

b. Get out of your comfort Zone,

c. Create new habits,

d. Ask people Help,

e. Fake it till you make it.

2. All these tips or…

Fatima Maqsood

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