Reflection on Amal Totkay Growth Mindset

“Growth mindset is when one understand that his abilities can be developed.”

  1. Here, Some Amal Totkay for Growth Mindset are:

a. Self Talk,

b. Get out of your comfort Zone,

c. Create new habits,

d. Ask people Help,

e. Fake it till you make it.

2. All these tips or totkay for growth mindset are really practicable, as “Talk yourself” means “knowing yourself” what are you, what can you do, what is difficult for you but even then say to yourself , I can do it. In short, we can develop a mindset may be positive or negative and our all actions would follow that mindset. In an environment where we feel relax, calm, in that place we never achieve our goals. To gain something out of the box one should face challenging situations (“one should come out of his comfort zone”).Growth Mindset is really difficult to develop but by “creating new habits” it becomes easy change our fixed mind set. For example, a lazy person should start morning walk as new habit. This kind of new habit’s has a very good impact on person’s mind. Another amal totkay is “ask people help”, although it seems very challenging to ask people when you are in some trouble. But don’t be hesitate while asking. because someone said,

“One who ask more, learn more”.

Every profession or job demands its own criteria like to become a teacher, one should have confidence, communication skills, teaching ability. But if that person lack in these qualities he or she can “fake it till make it”.

3. The most favorite tip or totka for me is “Get out of your Comfort Zone”. By getting out of comfort zone I can get or fulfill my goals. I have tried this totka many times, but it is very difficult to come out of comfort zone. Although it’s necessary to achieve out of the box.

4. I have started working on tip “talk yourself”. And now I become able to know a bit about reasons behind my goals.

5. For Growth Mindset we should start from today “Fake it until to make it”.

By developing this one day we will be able to get that habit or ability.